A little more about us:

Rails to Trails
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312 Railroad Street

Norwalk, Wi. 54648


Email: info@railstotrailsnorwalk.com


Everything you need (or want) to know:

As the name of our race indicates,  the route follows an abandoned railroad line that runs from Elroy to Sparta (and beyond) that has since been turned into the Elroy-Sparta bike trail. But this race won't stretch that full distance.


Instead, the starting and finishing point are one and the same location in the Village park located at 104 Mill Street Norwalk. So naturally the race is an out and back but everything is clearly marked and volunteers will be at the turn around point. There will also be aid stations along the way.


The route also includes a tunnel. This tunnel is also a hibernation spot for four different species of bats. Because of this, flashlights are not permitted at the time of the race. However, the tunnel will be lit by red lanterns.


Our route is walker friendly too, so don't forget to tell your friends and family.


As was mentioned elsewhere, this race is run as a non-profit organization with all proceeds going to help local communities. Here are just a few of the things support from people like you has done:


 * Award three scholarships per year towards college tuition

 * Provided handicap accessible playground equipment to 2 different parks

 * Funds for creek restoration

 * Tables for the community center

 * help maintain the very trail you run on

 * Lights for the Norwalk Ballfield

 * High Jump mat for the N.O.W. School district

 * Funds to the fire dept. for the pump truck and new radios

 * $15000.00 donated to renovating the Norwalk library

 * Funds for the flower baskets on Main St. every year


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